IFOPM gives us an opportunity to expand the impact of our ministries and organizations and administrate a group of Clergy and leaders who sense a spiritual connection with one another. The Interfaith Fellowship of Partnering Ministries is not a denomination. It is an organization with a definite agenda to provide wisdom, guidance and oversight by request to enrich and accelerate the growth, development and impact of its membership ministries.


IFOPM is ordained of God and will function with excellence and a commitment to integrity. IFOPM is an answer to a call of many clergy and leaders to establish a networking organization which provides clergy and leaders an organized network for the advancement of the kingdom of God in our generation. IFOPM is designed to help us meet our potential and productivity. We embark on this task with great anticipation that God has and will set clergy and leaders in IFOPM as it pleases Him.

Vision of IFOPM

This organization will create a more excellent forum for clergy and leaders who desire a covenant relationship with others. We require that there is a willingness to cooperate with wise counsel, ethical and financial accountability standards. IFOPM will create a forum to pool Kingdom and Community resources to help develop the potential and maximize the productivity of all member ministries and network partners.


Membership Requirements

IFOPM will exercise no ecclesiastical, governmental or administrative control over any of its member ministries or network partners. IFOPM provides for those member ministries and network partners wise counsel and oversight upon their request. All membership services and benefits are optional to accommodate the needs of the membership. Membership in IFOPM is open to all clergy and leaders. IFOPM will not discriminate against any race, ethnic, or denominational background. Since IFPOM is not a denomination, its mission is to complement and enhance a ministry or organizations.

  • Monthly administrative support (amount determined by the member is not meant to be a tithe). The financial strength of IFOPM will be the product of the commitment of its members. The finances will be used for administrative expenses to fund group projects.

  • Willingness to serve on an appointed committee.


Benefits of IFOPM

  • Credibility through Association

  • Spiritual Accountability through Association

  • Access to an Excellence Assessment Group, (Administrative Excellence and Ministry Excellence)

  • Membership Directory

  • Ordination Certification

  • Licensing for Local Ministers

  • Annual Membership Enrichment Conferences

  • Partnership in Global Outreach

  • Monthly IFOPM Ministry connection letter


About our Network President

Pastor James Jackson is the Lead Pastor of Fervent Prayer Church (FPC) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Vision of FPC is to promote healing and deliverance through the power of prayer and faith around the world. In 2016 he received his Masters of Divinity from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan. Pastor Jackson is married to Deitrich (Dee) Jackson; Co-Pastor of FPC and Father to four beautiful women and a handsome grandson. He has aligned himself with a great pastoral leadership team and as a result has become a blessing to the City of Indianapolis. In 2010, he was the First Pastor in Indianapolis’ history to be appointed to the Police Merit Board by then-Mayor Greg Ballard. He is the Director of the Far Eastside Action Coalition, a member of the board for the CAFE (Community Alliance of the Far Eastside), President of the Fervent Care Childcare and Christian Academy.

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